Board of Secondary Education, OdishaNotification No. 2510 (Co-ordn.) dt. 27.05.2010
In pursuance of Chapter-IX of the Board’s Regulations, applications in the prescribed form are hereby invited from the High Schools of Odisha for grant of fresh recognition to Class-IX, IX-X, X & renewal or recognition to the High Schools of the state for the Academic Session, 2010-11.

    • The school must have had the recognition to Class-VIII accorded by the Director, Secondary Education, Odisha.
    • The school must have obtained permission from the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha to open Class-IX or Class-X during the Academic Session, 2010-11.A photocopy of such sanction order needs to be submitted alongwith the application.
    • The school must be located on a land measuring a minimum of 03 (three) acres in rural area and 01 (one) acre in urban area and it must have a valid title over the land.
    • If the land on which the school is located is a Government land, the alienation must have been sanctioned by the competent authority in favour of the school. A certified copy of such sanction order is to be produced in support of the alienation. In case of private land, a certified copy of the final mutation order for issue of ROR/Patta in favour of the school by the Tehsildar/Competent authority shall be accepted. The school must also submit a certificate issued by the Tehsildar concerned to the effect that the school building is constructed on the school land, the Patta/ROR of which has been submitted for recognition of the school.
    • Accommodation, staff, equipments including science apparatus, library books as per Board’s Regulations and prevalent rules of the Govt. should be essentially existing in the institution.


Category Recognition Fee + Cost of Form Cost of Form Total
(a) Fresh recognition to Class-IX only Rs.2000/- + Rs.250/- Rs.250/- Rs.2250/-
(b) Fresh recognition to
Class-X only
Rs.5000/- + Rs.250/- Rs.250/- Rs.5250/-
(c.) Fresh recognition to
Class-IX & X only
Rs.5000/- + Rs.250/- Rs.250/- Rs.5250/-
(d) Renewal of recognition to
Class-IX & X
Rs.2000/- + Rs.250/- Rs.250/- Rs.2250/-
(e) Recognition(if recognition was
previously withdrawn)
Rs.5000/- + Rs.250/- Rs.250/- Rs.5250/-
  • The fees as aforesaid shall be deposited by the intending schools in the S. B. Account of the Board maintained at the level of respective Zonal Offices with various branches of the State Bank of India. Remittance of fees in any other manner shall not be entertained. They must attach the copy of the Bank’s receipt with the aplication form. For grant of recognition to Class-IX, Xeroxed copies of order of recognition to Class-VIII along with the letter of permission to open Class-IX must be submitted. Similarly, for grant of recognition to Class-X, Xeroxed copies of order of recognition of Class-VIII and Class-IX alongwith letter of permission to open Class-X must be submitted. But in case of recognition to both the Classes IX & X, Xeroxed copies of recognition order of Class-VIII, the order of not granting recognition to Class-IX by the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha and letter of permission to open Class-X must be submitted. In addition, for the grant of renewal of recognition, Xeroxed copies of the order granting recognition to Class IX & X or Class-X or order granting renewal of recognitionfor last Academic Session, 2009-2010 need be submitted.
  • MOST IMPORTANT : The recognition to Class-IX&X, shall not be granted at a time by the Board for the session, 2010-2011 if recognition to Class-VIII is granted for the session 2009-2010.
  • Three copies of application forms should be submitted alongwith relevant and required documents in the office of the Inspector of Schools concerned on or before 16.08.2010 and the forms duly recommended by the Inspector of Schools must reach the Director, Secondary Education, Odisha on or before 16.09.2010.
  • The schools which had applied for RUFO previously for the academic session 2007-2008 but not accorded with the same shall apply for renewal of recognition for the academic session, 2010-2011 failing which their recognition shall be kept withheld.
    5. RUFO to the High Schools is being postponed for the present as certain Sections of Chapter-IX of the Board’s Regulations are proposed to be amended and approved by the Govt.